At One Community Church our mission is to make disciples of Jesus. A huge part of how we do this is by going out into our community, city and world to show and share the love of Christ.



Why serve locally?

It’s easy to get busy and stop noticing needs in our own community. We walk right past it every day too hurried and distracted or we think someone else is called to take care of it.

But Jesus called us too!

He called us all to be his hands and feet and that starts with serving those directly around us.

One Community Church has a heart to reach those in our local community. We do this be partnering with organizations in Lynchburg and by going out into our church’s neighborhood to meet and serve those living right in our neighborhood.


Warm Streets

Helping the homeless in Central Virginia with a vast array of services: emergency backpacks, moving services, furniture, sock kiosks, light change, etc.

One Community Church partners with warm streets to collect goods that they then use to bless people right in our community.



ONE partners with churches across the nations to provide gifts and serve others. Our gifts provide many things including much-needed supplies for physical and spiritual needs. Our mission teams share their time and abilities to serve at-risk families, children and churches.

The impact doesn’t end at the airport before coming home, though, global missions impact us at home too. Team members often share about being challenged physically, spiritually, and culturally and how it gives them a greater dependence on God and a new awareness of his work in their lives.


Salt And Light Ministry Center (Nuevo Laredo, Mexico)


Salt and Light Ministry Center (a division of La Gran Comision Servir founded 2006) is located in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Founder Ray Rendon and his wife Lisa Herring Rendon oversee and run the ministry on a daily basis.

One Community Church sends mission teams each year to visit our partners in Nuevo Laredo and to serve the needs of the ministry.


Liberty Church Network

Their mission is to make disciples in order to fulfill the great commission given to us by our Lord Jesus. 

Through our relationship with Liberty Church Network, One Community Church is connected with a network of local and national churches that share ideas all for the common goal of making disciples for Jesus.