I am supposed to write to you about our upcoming summer outreach programs as well as some of the changes and advancements currently underway in the church’s staffing, and even its building. It’s good stuff. I personally am looking forward to the Wednesday night cookouts starting on June 7th. The We Are One event will also, likely be an exciting few weeks. So, I really should have no trouble telling you all about this.

Outreach is becoming a very important part of the focus on One Community. I think this is a wonderful thing and I know it is in line with our mission. The Cookouts serve as a great example of this. The goal is to bring our members and the community together for a meal and fun. It’s an amazing opportunity for all of us to join in, have some fun and help make Christ known through love and togetherness. So, why would I have trouble writing about this?

There is a mentality. The church Is one thing and I am another. Many of us have this mentality from time to time. God does not place any drive or passion into the heart of an organization. He puts these into the hearts of people. This is an important thing to be aware of, because for some reason, when we have that passion in us, we tend to wait for the church to present us with an opportunity to serve. It’s almost like we believe the church is an entity that serves God and we are individuals who serve the church. This works fine… since, if the church is serving God, then we are as well by serving the church. I really don’t mean to belittle it, but it seems to be lacking to me.

When I look at it, the church is a group of people. It is all of us. We are not a part of the church or servants to the church… We are the church. What else is there? The building… Does the building even matter? None of that matters. The church is about us and it is us. We are all united, in Christ, as one and in Christ no one is greater than the other.

I have heard people comment that they have a passion to do something. They want to serve and give and help others, but lack direction. Often, they make the offhand comment that they wish the church would do something like this or that. This made me think. What if the Church’s job wasn’t to give us something to do, but to empower us to do what is in our hearts. What if instead of waiting for the church to plan an outreach, we simply did it.

I admit, an organized outreach with people helping would have a much more significant impact. However, Christ was willing to talk with crowds of thousands of people, but also with individuals. Christ would take the time to affect a single person. He didn’t seem to care about the size of the impact. He cared about doing what was in his heart. He didn’t walk by a sick person and say, “too bad no one is around to see it, otherwise I would heal them” He simply healed.

 If God has put the desire to work in your heart, don’t wait around for the church to come up with a way for you to serve. Go out and do it. Outreach begins with you. It begins with you reaching out to those around you. It may be your friends, your family, your neighbors, even your enemies… Outreach is about extending your hand to help someone else stand up. The sheer humanity of this action overpowers anything else.

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