Into every life a little rain must fall. For We Are One, this possibility was always a concern. As each Sunday drew near, meteorologists threatened us with high winds, rain and even a tropical storm. Somehow, the weather played out in our favor and we enjoyed bright and beautiful weather for each of the three days of the event. I do not know if this has any special meaning, but there is no denying that the lovely weather was a blessing that allowed one of the most meaningful events in OneCC history to go off without a hitch.

In trying to figure out how to recap this event, I find myself at a loss. There is no way to express the power of what this event meant to everyone in just a few simple paragraphs. The event was huge and the significance of its message even greater. With a seemingly simple focus on building unity in our community the event brought the message home to all aspects of our lives. We quickly discovered that We Are One is something that lives as close as our marriage and as far out as the entire world.

As we discovered oneness in our families and personal lives, our church, and our community we began to experience the idea of oneness as Christ described it. This was exemplified on the third day of the event, when Mayor Joan Foster joined Paul on the stage to share with us her views. The mayor talked about those issues that were closest to her heart as well as the significant role her own faith plays in her life. Many of us were thrilled to hear about the importance the issue of poverty in our community is given in the meetings of ouer own city council. The mayor reflected on the struggles and challenges as well the many initiatives our local government is taking to help combat local poverty.

During the event, the hard working volunteers over in Kid’s Life dedicated themselves to putting together an amazing Vacation Bible School program. The kids were entertained with skits, dancing, crafts and play time. The curriculum focused on the messages of the bible, and was done in such a fun way that even I found myself thoroughly entertained for the short time I was able to come and watch.

As I watched each aspect of the event, the volunteers, and the amount of effort being put into this, I couldn’t help but realize that the entire event was a product of the oneness that it was meant to inspire. This truly was an amazing event all around, and I personally look forward to attending it again next year.