So far this year the people of Chicago have had over 3000 shootings with over 500 murders. In this city alone, someone is shot every two hours and a death occurs every 11 hours. These startling statistics are what motivated Pastor Tyler Cash, our youth minister to try to help. He worked with our church leaders to come up with a way for him and Brandon Read, to visit Chicago in a show of unity and support.

Tyler, after researching the areas with the greatest need, decided that he would visit Englewood, as that is one of the worst areas for crime. Through connections with a local Englewood High School principal and local pastors Tyler is hoping to identify and inspire in an effort to bring hope to this community.

He and Brandon will be walking the streets, sharing the gospel and giving out bibles. Their ultimate hope is to find people who will take the gospel and continue spreading it in their community.

We are very proud of the courage and compassion both Brandon and Tyler are displaying in this mission. We pray for their safety as well as their success.

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