Inside Look is a new monthly feature that is intended to share a much more personal look into the lives of the people behind OneCC. Each month will feature a different person and will attempt to give you a little insight into what makes them tick.

When the idea for Inside Look was presented, I was excited to begin interviewing and writing about these people. I have to admit though, when I heard that Pastor Joshua Davis, our worship leader, would be my first subject, I was a little apprehensive. To be completely honest, I was downright nervous about doing a story on Joshua.

I had never met Joshua before, so I only knew him from his stage presence. My view of him was that he was this really suave and smooth guy. He looks smooth, he talks smooth, he dresses smooth, heck even his head is smooth. There isn’t anything wrong with being smooth. It’s just that really smooth people tend to not be very likable or interesting. They are actually hard for me to relate to as I am the polar opposite to smooth. Where he is a cool cat, I am a mangy dog.

As Joshua walked into my home, with his beautiful wife and adorable son, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this. I mean, he walked in wearing what to him were normal hang out clothes, but to me appeared as if he had just jumped out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue. As I welcomed him to my home, he noticed the slightest smudge on his glasses. With reflexes faster than those of a gunslinger, he reached into his pocket and produced a specialized cloth for cleaning that tiny smudge. Needless to say, the impression created left me on guard.

This impression did not last long though. As we sat and talked, I found myself reminiscing with him about old Motown classics and joking about life and marriage. I was surprised to find that my laughter was genuine. The interview was intended to be about 30 minutes. I figured an hour long tape would be more than enough to record the interview. We filled that tape and continued talking well past that hour. In the end, I can happily admit that I was wrong in my impression of Josh.

Josh was born to a fairly large family. He has a twin sister and three other siblings. He explained that he grew up in a three bedroom house with only one bathroom. He joked about mornings where the seven people in that house had to line up to use the one bathroom. Josh grew up in a pretty big family and he shared with me several humorous incidents that were a result of this. 

His Step-dad, who was his dad from the time he was two, was probably one of Josh’s greatest fans. His dad recognized Josh’s love for music and encouraged it. By high school Josh had started a band. This band stayed together through college. They worked on music inspired by Josh’s love for those Motown classics and great gospels. Josh dreamed of being either a pastor, a musician or an actor. He claims the dream of being an actor was foolish, but looking at him, I could totally imagine watching him on some weeknight sit-com.

Josh is a man that is filled with passion. This was demonstrated as his wife Kisha told stories of times where Josh would go to tremendous lengths to put together romantic moments for her. Often these attempts failed miserably and hilariously. This never stopped Josh from continuing to try to express the passion that was in him, even if it would only lead to more humorous stories.

The love between him and his wife is clearly apparent. His love for his son is as well. It is also clear that Josh has a deep love for Christ and for music and is overjoyed to be able to bring those two things together and share them with people. In talking with Josh, I discovered that the powerful passion that lives within him is also for people. Josh loves people in a way that very few seem to get.

Josh’s love has led him to be an inspiring teacher as well as an accomplished music writer and performer, but above all his love is what makes OneCC worship so unique and so amazing. Josh’s heart pours out to all of us every Sunday morning. His passion is sent to us through his music. I personally feel overjoyed that our church gets to have someone as amazing as Josh to lead Sunday morning worship.

I started the interview afraid I wouldn’t be able to even relate to this very cool cat. In the end, I was given a reminder about how I should never judge a book by its cover. Josh and his family stayed for a few hours and we all hung out in my living room. We laughed and had fun. We played with my son’s toys and joked about life. When Josh and Kisha left, my wife and I both felt grateful for the joy they had brought into our home. You see, with Josh, I didn’t just find a good story. I found a really good friend.