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Welcome to the Discipleship Groups page!

Our weekly Discipleship Groups exist to help you GROW. Christ called us to BE and MAKE disciples, and groups are an amazing environment for this to happen. Through study, conversation, and community, we challenge one another to see more of Jesus and to make Him known.

Groups are a place where the Church can be the Church; where community is built and we bear one another’s burdens. Read about our Groups below and get involved with one that’s right for you!

Check out the groups below, then visit our Join A Group page to sign up!

Barber Group

Barber Group




Barber Group – jared@onecc.org

Who: Couples and singles, primarily in their late 20’s to early 40’s

When: Sundays after service

Where: Downtown (Diamond Hill)

What: We seek to grow together as family in Christ, breaking bread by sharing a meal, and breaking Bread by diving into the Word!

How: We have dubbed our group “The Cuisine Team.” We plan to have food themes every time we meet, and we’ll ask that everyone bring an item related to the theme. don’t want it to be burdensome, either financially or time-wise, to bring food; we’ll find ways to make it simple and fun.

We will eat together, then engage in discovering our Father’s heart through the Bible. We will use an ancient study method based on the Hebrew approach to studying scriptures, called Haverim. This method allows everyone to participate and learn from one another, engaging the Word actively.

Hayes Group

Hayes Group

Hayes Group – Sarahehayes@yahoo.com

Who: Anyone welcome.

When: Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm. We meet first two Wednesdays for study, and third Wednesday for dinner and fellowship.  Fourth Wednesday off.

Where: Forest area.

What: We seek to help one another grow in love and grace.

How: We do this by working through specific book and sermon illustrations.

Childcare: Childcare is shared among members.


SUTTON GROUP - howard1709@yahoo.com

Who: Anyone 18-85 plus or minus

When: Sunday nights from 7pm until 9pm ish as the Spirit leads

Where: Fort Hill/Chestnut Hill area.

What: Our meetings are a time of searching for more of God together, through worship, fellowship, body ministry and applying His word to the current events in our lives.

Childcare:  Unfortunately not at this time.

Black Group

Black Group

Casi Black Women’s Group – ceblack@liberty.edu

Who: Women of all ages who are intentional and committed to grow in their faith.

When: 3 Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm – we will dive into God's word, and then 1 Saturday each month from 7:30-12:00 we will enjoy an activity together.

Where: Boonsboro area.

What: We will grow in faith and serve together.

How: We will do this by studying the book of James, and moving on to other books later.

Childcare: Not provided.

Dudley Group

Dudley Group

Dudley Group – paul@onecc.org    

Who: Our group consists of married couples and single moms with kids ages 2 - 9.

When: We meet Sundays 5:30 - 7:30pm.

Where: We rotate houses, so we have a Facebook page to keep people updated on where we are meeting that week.

What: We seek to disciple one another through life’s moments and grow together.

How: We take summers off from "curriculum" and focus on doing life together, praying for each other and discussing kairos moments. We will be starting back with the book "Not a Fan" in October. We are only 5 chapters in.

Weaver Group

Weaver Group

Weaver Group – lexiweaver14@gmail.com, gweaver4@liberty.edu

Who: Our group consists of married couples of all different ages, including those with children.

When: We meet Sundays from 6:30-8:30pm.

Where: Forest area.

What: We seek to live life together, and seek out the Lord’s presence in our group and in our daily lives.

How: We do this by sharing snacks, praying with one another, and going through books of the Bible together.

Childcare: We are currently seeking childcare for our group (children ages 0-3 currently) – children are welcome.

Rife and Prinzavalli Group

Rife and Prinzavalli Group

Rife and Prinzivalli Group – topherrife@gmail.com

Who: Our group is open to anyone.

When: Mondays from 7:00-9:00pm.

Where: Hawkins Mill Area.

What: We seek to grow together and develop community, and challenge each other spiritually.

How: We do this by studying books of the Bible, and other book studies.

Childcare: Children are welcome.

Worley Group

Worley Group

Worley Lunch Group - michele@onecc.org 

Who: We seek to connect with visitors to OneCC. We do not have a group per se, but rather hope to go out to lunch with you after the service, and help you to get to know OneCC's Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy. We hope to get to know you so we can then help you connect with one of the above groups. 

When: Sundays right after service