Below you will find all the forms and documents that we use at one community church. 

Financial forms

Below you will find a form to help with all your financial needs. Please make sure that you read through all the instructions and let us know if you have any questions.

Budget Request Form

Use this form to Submit your Yearly Budget request.

Purchase Request Form

Use this form if you are needing to make a purchase and don't forget to download and use the tax exempt document when you make the purchases.

Expense Report Form

Use this form after you have made your purchases and you are reporting your expenses back. This should be completed 2 weeks after you have made your purchases.

Federal Tax Exempt Document

State Tax Exempt Document

Calendar Forms

Please use these forms for church calendar and for any and all events happening at the church outside of your regular scheduled events.

Calendar Form

Please use this form to keep us updated on all the events and meetings happening in your ministry area. This information will be used to keep the church calendar updated and to help us better communicate to the church.

Facility Use Form

Please use this form if you plan on using the church facility for any of your ministry events that are outside of your regularly scheduled happenings. 

Key Request Form

Please use this form is you are requesting a church master key.

Key Request Form